Mirrored furniture Design Ideas


Are you looking for a way to add glamor to your home’s design, without spending too much money? Would you like to add light to your environment, or make a small space snazzy? Do you need to find furniture to match an unmatchable room? Is there a dark corner in your home you would like to brighten? If so, mirrored furniture might be the perfect solution. Mirrors bring glamor to an ordinary piece of furniture, and, while mirrored furniture might be slightly costlier than a regular piece of furniture, the cost is far outweighed by the design benefits.

Mirrored furniture came into existence at the turn of the twentieth century, adding glamor to wealthy homes, and, in the 1950’s, mirrored furniture a Hollywood status symbol. Many celebrities decorated their mansions with mirrored furniture, which also started appearing on screen, in film and on television. Today, the mirrors can bring glamor and timeless beauty to your home, in chests of drawers, coffee tables, desks, and dining furniture. Some of this art deco mirrored furniture is available today for those that are interested in searching for it. Antique mirrored furniture might even be more popular now a days than more contemporary mirrored furniture.

Today, mirrored furniture provides a beautiful complement to any home and comes in many varieties. Mirrored furniture has several benefits. First, it can match anything. If a room does not lend itself easily to matching furniture, mirrored furniture might be the best solution. Regardless of the room’s color, size, and the fabrics used in the other furniture in the room, furniture that is decorated with mirrors can blend in easily. Particularly when you are searching for a last piece to finish a room, a piece with mirrors might work best.

Mirrored furniture can also bring light and dimension to a darker or smaller space. The mirrors help increase the perceived size of the room, making it appear larger than its actual size. In some situations, mirrored furniture can help almost double the size of the room to the viewer. For example, in many restaurants, an entire wall of the restaurant is a mirror, helping enlarge the space. Furniture with mirrors is often used by professional designers to help enlarge a cramped space. In addition, if the space is darker, the mirrors can amplify the lighting conditions of the room, whether the light is artificial or natural. Using downward facing lighting helps increase this effect because the light will reflect off of the mirrors, creating a dazzling effect and turning a previously darker room into a bright spot in your home.

Buyers can customize mirrored furniture to suit their individual tastes. A piece of furniture can have few or many mirrors and the mirrors can be used in detail, which will increase the price, or cover an entire surface of the furniture. The mirrors can serve as the room’s theme if you incorporate mirrors into other parts of the room or one piece standing alone can be the focus of the room.
This furniture is easy to clean and maintain. The mirrors can be dusted and cleaned with a Windex type cleaning solution. Tinted mirrors better hide fingerprints, and smudge marks. The slight additional cost for furniture with mirror accents is due to the higher cost of construction and the amount of detailed work that goes into each piece.

Several retailers offer a variety of mirrored furniture, for every room in the home, from the bedroom, to the living room, and even to the bathroom, where a mirrored medicine cabinet brings taste and elegance to an often neglected space. Retailers include internet stores like glamfurniture.com, department stores like Neiman Marcus, and even individual and corporate retailers on e-bay if you are looking for cheap mirrored furniture or a mirrored furniture sale.
Finding mirrored furniture for your home can bring glamor and elegance to your home’s design. The furniture is timeless and tasteful, the perfect combination for home decor.

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