Swimming Pool Design for Bali Luxury Resorts


Bali island is one of wonderful island in Indonesia. It is a small island which has so many cultures with different characteristic. So many people in the world know Bali as a tourism place because of its awesome nature and culture. For those who want to visit Bali of course they need to stay for a while so that they can enjoy the beautiful Bali.

Therefore, there are many hotels or resorts exist in Bali from the cheapest to the most expensive one. For the luxury resort, providing a swimming pool is a need to satisfy the tourist. A swimming pool can make such a deluxe adding in the resort. Moreover, with a unique design, a Bali luxury resorts style can be gained easily.

Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran
Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran is located near the Jimbaran beach which designed in luxurious way. The facilities in this Bali luxury resorts includes a luxurious outdoor swimming pool designed uniquely. Experience a luxurious Bali luxury resorts with private swimming pool here. You can also enjoy a different view inside and outside the resort.

Look at the design of the swimming pool which looks unique in design. It is designed by following the contour of the resort building. The visitor can easily enjoy the pool just in front of their room. It is not designed in rectangle or square as usual but in meander way. Some vegetations is planted in the middle of the pool to add the unique accent in the resort. Palm trees become the icon of the resort which symbolize tropical vegetation.

Bali Luxury Resorts in Korean Style
Korean style has made a great effect in any aspect of human life including a resort design. The design simply starts by decorating the roof in Korean style. Then it is possible to set a wooden material for the floor as if in Korean. It is functioned to make the room warmer.
Add some furniture in line with the floor concept namely in brown or cream color. It will make the resort not only in Korean design but also naturally designed. To make the resort look luxurious, setting a swimming pool is recommended. Since the location is facing the beach, it will be a wonderful experience to have a swimming opportunity here while enjoying the beach panorama.
Nature Bali Luxury Resort

The nature concept has been always chosen in most resort in Indonesia especially in some Bali luxury resorts. Nature can refresh people mind easily. However, you can still combine this nature concept with a luxurious design. This combination will be so great and beautiful. It should be applied for the swimming pool, too.
You can set a gazebo in the middle of a wide swimming pool inside a deluxe resort. This gazebo reflects the nature in design since it is made of wood and rice straw for the roof. It also makes the swimming pool look unique and creative.

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